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Math Music Motion is a revolutionary toddler program that focuses on child development from a neurological perspective, using creative and age appropriate math, music, and motion curriculum that will have your child laughing and playing their way toward a foundation of enhanced educational success.

Children will participate in sensory-rich learning experiences that foster growth in all early childhood development targets: physical, social, emotional, and cognitive.  A child's simultaneous engagement in math, music, and motion strengthens brain structure and function, developing strong neurological cross-communication.  By targeting specific regions of the brain, Math Music Motion provides an accelerated platform promoting overall development.

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About Us



Mathematical Maestros

(2.5 to 3.5 years old)

Mathematical Maestros provides an introduction to foundational mathematical skills, while fostering intellectual growth and development.  To meet the unique needs of young learners, Mathematical Maestros includes a dynamic curriculum which explores a variety of mathematical and musical concepts in a sensory-rich, fun, and engaging learning environment.

Creative Calculators

(3.5 to 4 years old)

Creative Calculators builds on foundational skills, presenting children with enriched applications of developmentally appropriate practices, paired with a wide variety of techniques and materials encouraging varied learning styles and overall retention.  Creative Calculators focuses on the exploration of early mathematical concepts, music theory, and motor development; promoting the progression of mathematical skills, musical appreciation, physical agility, and confidence.

Algebraic Architects

(4 to 5 years old)

Algebraic Architects offers a challenging and diverse curriculum, fostering exploration and discovery; creating valuable critical thinking tendencies that will ignite sophisticated thought processes in your child.  Algebraic Architects provides a creative and artistic educational platform, encouraging children to develop oratory and small group communication skills while they collaborate to gain insights into mathematical and musical content.



Mathematics helps us make sense of world around us by giving us a vocabulary that shapes what we are capable of thinking about.  This is why math is an absolutely crucial part of any school curriculum and early exposure is imperative for the development of many neurological functions and sophisticated understandings.


Math Music Motion cultivates and extends your little one's innate tendencies toward classifying, comparing, and problem-solving to encourage analysis and perseverance.  By actively engaging their minds in a variety of ways, Math Music Motion propels young learners into life-long journeys of critical thinking and a love of math.


The uniqueness of our program is derived from the incorporation of math, music, and motion into one interconnected curriculum.  These three extraordinary and reciprocating pillars of early childhood development form a bridge between the mind and the body to create opportunities to develop an early aptitude for math and strengthen your child's future cognitive skills.

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Why Math


Math Music Motion classes are offered at our centers and various preschools.  Click on one of the three state locations below (          ) to find us in your community and register for classes.




4211 Waialae Avenue Suite 100A

Honolulu, HI 96816



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Learning through play; there's no better way!

Understanding the unique developmental needs of your little one, Math Music Motion is designed to cater to their natural tendencies toward music and motion to build mathematical ability.  Each lesson is chalked full of fun and engaging activities.

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